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We spoke with Director International Key Account Marine at RATIONAL, Mikael Eliasson to discuss providing galley solutions to the marine industry, upcoming industry trends, and what he expects from the debut Marine Catering Expo.

Hi Mikael. Thanks for speaking with the MCE team today! Can you tell us about your current role and key responsibilities at RATIONAL?

I am responsible for the overall global marine business at RATIONAL. My focus is to work closely with the marine market and to support the overall marine business. Together with our RATIONAL network and local support around the world, we are able to be there for the marine business, wherever requested.


What encouraged you to join the team at RATIONAL?

For me, the inspiration is to work closely with our customers and to develop and provide the best solution for their kitchen and marine galleys. I have had the pleasure of being a RATIONAL employee for 17 years and I am proud to see how we have developed over this time and strengthened our position, especially in the marine business.


Can you tell us about a project you're particularly proud of?

There are many different projects I am proud of. We have some very interesting ideas for the marine business, including Finishing® - a banqueting system to be used onboard; You plate the plates cold in accordance with the anticipated number of customers and store them chilled in the special mobile plate racks, whenever you have time to do. Shortly before service, Finishing® in the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® will finish the dishes to perfection. The kitchen crew can master banqueting easily and they have no overproduction.

We have had a great experience using Finishing® with our hotel and arena customers around the world, and now I am now very proud to implement this concept in the marine business.


We constantly develop new solutions to optimize cooking methods and to be even more efficient in the galley.


Are there any special considerations you must take into consideration when providing solutions to the marine industry?

A strong relationship and constant feedback from our customers is the most important thing because this helps us to provide them with the best solution available for their needs. One request is always space saving in the galley. With this feedback, for instance, we developed a new solution for Combi-Duo and the floor modules to be able to push the units as close as possible against the wall.

RATIONAL offer a global marine service network to support customer service and care to the highest level. We also have developed a marine service app with all required information for quick troubleshooting. And of course, we constantly develop new solutions to optimize cooking methods and to be even more efficient in the galley.


Can you tell us about some key challenges or opportunities faced by RATIONAL today?

Yes, we are focusing on the RATIONAL kitchen concept, a combination of two outstanding cooking appliances - The SelfCookingCenter® and the VarioCookingCenter®. With these multifunctional appliances, we open up entirely new possibilities to optimize workflows, keep costs under control and saves space in the galley kitchens. You will see using this cooking system makes a tangible difference on the electricity bill. Thanks to the intelligent technology, energy is only consumed if it is actually required. This reduces your electricity consumption by up to 30%. RATIONAL has also launched a little marine combi-steamer called SelfCookingCenter® XS and together with our hood system we are able to place the unit in areas where it was not possible before. Now our customers have the opportunity of serving top quality food or freshly made pastries in new areas on the ship.


With ConnectedCooking the chef can access their appliances with a single click, and control the cooking processes, even remotely.


What trends can we expect to see in the marine catering industry from 2019 onwards?

The energy and environment topics, as well as digitalization, are very important for RATIONAL. So this year will be the time for the question of which system effectively supports kitchen processes and as such sets new standards in product quality, reliability, automation, and service. We rely on the cloud-based ConnectedCooking, which gives new momentum to the collaboration between the chef and the appliance. Our customers can easily connect their units to a network. With ConnectedCooking the chef can access their appliances with a single click, and control the cooking processes, even remotely. Push notifications, for example, help the platform log capacity usage and vacancies and to adapt production processes accordingly. In my opinion, finding a suitable digital solution is essential in 2019, because reliable equipment and a reliable partner are especially important at sea.


Finally, what do you hope to achieve from attending Marine Catering Expo this June?

I am looking forward to meeting customers, partners and sharing knowledge within the cruise galleys. I will be able to show what RATIONAL can offer as a partner with over 40 years of experience supplying galley kitchens around the world. At RATIONAL we offer a partner who will be there for our customers throughout the whole process, supported and consulted by our experts directly onboard wherever needed.


Thanks for speaking with us today Mikael. We're looking forward to seeing you exhibit at Marine Catering Expo!


See RATIONAL's SelfCookingCenter for yourself at booth 679.


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