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Ahead of the inaugural Marine Catering Expo 2019, we caught up with Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Loipart, Mikael Eliasson. 

Hi Mikael, thanks for speaking with the Marine Catering Expo team. Can you tell us about your current role and key responsibilities?

I am Vice President for Sales & Marketing. This means that I have the overall responsibility for the sales and marketing strategies in the group.


What inspired you to join Loipart?

My father started to work for Electrolux Marine with selling galleys and laundries only to the marine market so I grew up with it. You could say I have it in my blood. It always seemed like an interesting field for me.


Can you tell us about a project you're particularly proud of?

Loipart Group was formed in Finland in 1977. However, Loipart AB in Sweden was formed in 2003 when they took over the marine division of Electrolux. I started working one year after that and I am proud that I have been part of the journey from the family-owned business to being one of the market leaders in the field as we are today. I am also proud of being one of the founders of our Waste Management Systems that we started three years ago.


What do you need to consider when it comes to providing solutions for the marine industry?

For us, we need to consider trends in the catering sector as well as regulations in the waste sector. They keep changing and it is important to keep up to be on top of the game.


Are there any key opportunities or challenges your company faces at present?

There are always challenges when it comes to new regulations on the waste side and the opportunities come when we launch new innovations such as the air-fryer we launched earlier this year with our partner or our Waste Converter, which is really quite unique.


Can you tell us about any trends in the marine catering industry from 2018? Or what you expect to see in the coming years?

We think there will be even more focus on materials and open solutions as it has been on the land side for many years. It is always important to follow the trends.


Who are you looking to meet and what do you hope to achieve at Marine Catering Expo 2019?

At Marine Catering Expo 2019 we're looking to meet ship-owners, designers, hotel operation managers, partners, competitors, sub-suppliers, and so on.


Thanks for speaking with us today Mikael. We look forward to seeing Loipart exhibit at the debut Marine Catering Expo 2019!



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