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Expo & Conference: June 16 – 17, 2020
Miami Beach Convention Center
Opportunity Is Served

Originally founded in 1992, WaterLogic USA is a world leader in point-of-use water purification. Exhibiting at Marine Catering Expo, WaterLogic USA (along with its specialty brand, Purezza Premium Water), will showcase the latest innovations and showcase their mission of providing pure water everywhere. Ahead of the event this June, we caught up with Harry W. Ostwald, vice president of specialty at WaterLogic USA and Purezza Premium Water. In addition to showcasing the two brands' latest innovations, Harry will be speaking at the debut Marine Catering Forum


Thanks for speaking with the Marine Catering Expo team today! Tell us about your current role and what it entails on a day-to-day basis?

Presently my role involves managing the specialty department in the USA business unit for Waterlogic, a global point of use (POU) company. The specialty department is engaged in the expansion of the Purezza Premium Water brand throughout the USA, as well as providing office coffee service (OCS) solutions to B2B clients that currently utilize our POU.

What inspired you to venture into the marine industry?

We knew the marine industry could have a major effect on the expansion of our sustainable message, as well as reducing the use of plastic within the industry's operations. By participating in this market, the reduction of their carbon footprint and prevention of plastic making its way to our countries landfills and the ocean can be dramatically improved.

Can you tell us about any key opportunities or challenges faced by the marine catering industry at present?

The cartage of plastic and glass bottles can be reduced within the ships hold, thus improving storage or variety or selection of new items that can have a favorable client experience while on board.


We knew the marine industry could have a major effect on the expansion of our sustainable message, as well as reducing the use of plastic within the industry's operations. 


Tell us about a recent project that was particularly challenging, interesting, or unique in some way.

Current projects of interest have involved helping the HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, and cafe) industry to eliminate plastic from their venues and reducing their cost of goods sold.

In the world of marine catering, products and services supplied to the galley are largely dependent on cruise dining trends and larger issues such as sustainability. What trends are you expecting to emerge in the next few years?

The category offering sustainable unlimited sparkling and still water programs continues to grow every year. The marine industry is just now looking at how they too can participate. Because of the uniqueness of the marine industry (specifically due to global ports of call) participating in this type of program has been difficult. Purezza offers support now in more than 60 countries globally; this will be a plus for the marine industry and for our environment.


Using just three words, how would you describe the current state of the industry?

Heightened awareness and concern.

Come June you’ll be speaking in the Marine Catering Forum. Without giving too much away, can you tell us what we might expect from your session?

I'll be showcasing the positive impact that cruise companies can have by removing single-serve plastic, as well as highlighting the benefits of point of use filtration versus plastic bottles.

See WaterLogic USA and Purezza Premium Water exhibit at Marine Catering Expo, booth 382. Plus, don't miss Harry W. Ostwald speaking at the debut Marine Catering Forum! To secure your seat at his session, register for your free pass now.


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