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Sustainable Innovations from Sweden

You may think of Ipinium when it comes to thawing food, as that's what Ipinium is well known for in the marine sector. Ipinium's signature thawing cabinet, TINA, is used on many cruise ships today. In addition, however, Ipinium offers numerous other products that are used on a daily basis all over the world, in all kinds of kitchens.

Imagine a galley where your objective is to reduce the cost, increase the quality of your food, use less space & time, and be more sustainable for the environment. Maybe you start looking into vertical cooking and get rid of the frying table; that would be a good step. Grills and frying tables demand a lot of time, create environmental problems and use a lot of unnecessary energy. Taking these steps would mean you're on the right track. But how can you get the most out of galley operations? Why not talk to Ipinium and get advice that will guarantee happy guests?

Hear from Sebastian Pilups, sales and operations manager at Ipinium, as he shares insights into creating a more sustainable galley.

A quick heat on the right spot is the secret to good, tasty, and healthy food. The grill tray gives your meat stripes in a classic grill way. 

The marine industry faces many major problems in 2019. It becomes harder and harder to source staff, the quality of food can be uneven and you receive various results from different chefs and galleys onboard a ship. At the same time, you need to produce large quantities of high-quality food quickly. My advice would be that, instead of using your frying table, you should use your oven more.

Let the trays do the work for you

Grilling and frying in the oven may not sound like an amazing innovation, but depending on the equipment you use, it can be. So how can Ipinium help you? It's all about the tray that you use; our method is built on a patented aluminum alloy with the ability to absorb and to lead heat. The non-stick coating on Ipinium's trays makes it possible to cut the fat if desired.

Less energy

Effective use of heat in combination with less cooking time gives enormous savings in energy compared to the traditional frying tables that are often on all the time. With the trays you will limit the use of energy which also means less working hours and less staff. Since the trays provide less stress than a full frying table, it provides a much better working environment. You can also cut down on your use of advanced ventilation, which is notably bad for the environment since advanced ventilation is so energy-demanding.

Ipinium's trays are easily washed with very little chemicals and no pre-cleaning is needed, meaning you can limit the use of dishwashers (which not only use great amounts of energy but also produce microplastics). 

Reuse materials

Ipinium's aluminum comes exclusively from recycled beer and soda cans. In other words, Ipinium uses a sustainable system for making its trays. In Europe, and soon-to-come in the US, Ipinium has its own recoating system. This means when your tray is in need of new coating, Ipinium takes the old ones back and then recoats them, meaning you get brand new trays for a smaller cost. This system is something Ipinium is looking to adapt in several more continents. Ipinium's standard coating is also made of ceramics and is free from Teflon/PTFE of plastics.


These trays mark the next step of the food revolution.


Ipinium's push for vertical cooking has been very popular among its customers. The signature tray is used in over 100 councils of Sweden and internationally its success has been a landslide. Ipinium now has some of the world's largest food companies using its trays.

A major part of the sales process for Ipinium is meeting face-to-face, so people can really see the difference. Often it's not the environmental and economic parts that entice people, but more the comfort of being able to get an even, perfect result in less time and fewer steps.

For example, envision the customer's first time looking into the oven and seeing a salmon being grilled to perfection in just 2.5 minutes, with the salmon emerging perfectly cooked with its classic grill stripes.

These trays mark the next step of the food revolution. This is vertical cooking for real.

Meet with Ipinium in person and see its cooking innovations at booth 367.


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