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Problems with the waste generated onboard? Let Loipart take care of it with the Loipart Waste Converter

Garbage? Food waste? Cardboard? Plastic? Glass? Metal tins and cans? The Loipart Waste Converter is what you need! It replaces the activity of 4-5 standard machines, as well as stabilizing microbial waste.

The idea behind the Loipart Waste Converter is to provide a compact, simple device that is capable of minimizing the dimension of all accumulated waste, while simultaneously stabilizing the microbial components in the waste, resulting in a sanitized, odor-free output. The multi-purpose machinery unit is able to reduce the volume and the weight of various type of waste, including food waste, glass, plastic, cardboard, metallic cans, and alloy cans. It is also able to reduce the weight of, dry, and sanitize the wet and unsorted waste.

The main advantages of the Waste Converter are:

  • Waste volume reduction
  • Considerable weight reduction
  • Microbial stabilization
  • Improved waste management
  • Removes the need for a refrigerated garbage store
  • Savings in terms of waste disposal
  • Good energy performance
  • Improved living conditions onboard

Loipart has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Sanitrade SRL to distribute and market the unique product.

Find out more about the innovative Waste Converter and discover what Loipart has to offer at Marine Catering Expo 2019, booth 478.


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