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Opportunity Is Served

Offering turnkey solutions to the galley is what Loipart does best. Now, the marine galley suppliers are breaking the rules of frying with their latest innovation, Lightfry.

Air Fry Technology in the Lightfry oven offers the market an oven that uses a 100% oil-free process. It immediately changes the conditions and possibilities for those involved with the serving of food.

Frying oil and traditional frying methods involve high costs, an oftentimes lead to a bad working environment and large risks. Frying requires grease traps, expensive air-conditioning, and time-consuming cleaning. Furthermore, the occurring oil fog smells impurify and increase the risk of slipping in the kitchen. In addition to this, frying with oil creates fire hazards and may lead to fire and fire damage. Therefore, frying can lead to high investments and high costs for both oil and handling.

The Lightfry oven sets new boundaries, as it entails no acquisition costs or handling of oil, no investments for expensive air-conditioning or grease traps, approximately 50% less energy consumption than traditional frying, and lower installation costs.

Furthermore, the Lightfry allows for new possibilities, as not just traditional restaurants and food institutions can serve fried food, but also smaller coffee shops and other venues with limited space. Featuring Air Fry Technology, food cooked using Loipart's Lightfry contains 40-60% less fat than traditional fried food.

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