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Creating delicious dishes aboard a cruise ship may seem like a breeze, as 50+ waiters glide seamlessly out into the dining room each night while eager cruise-goers await the meals of their choosing, but that couldn’t be much further from the truth. Cruise dining poses a handful of challenges, but cruise lines can’t afford to let that show when their passengers are expecting no less than perfection - that’s where our Marine Catering Expo exhibitors come in. Creating and supplying innovative products and services to the galley is what the likes of RATIONAL, IPinium, SeaKing, and DL Services do, which is why we asked the experts what smart solutions they can offer to ensure guests are guaranteed a meal to remember that rivals any 5* land-based hotel.

What key challenges does the galley face?

Recruiting staff members, managing large amounts of equipment, budgeting, maintenance, and modernization, and finally, food safety, (namely temperature).

As a supplier to the galley, how do you create products that combat these challenges?

By listening to our customer’s expectations and feedback in order to improve and update our services, creating outstanding design with ergonomic, sophisticated equipment, and utilizing automation in order to reduce the number of staff members needed in the galley.

What's one product or service you'd recommend to galley outfitters and chefs?

We highly recommend the Life Cycle System, a private Web-Access solution, as it offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces the time of troubleshooting intervention
  • Forecasts the budget
  • Simplifies the galley modernization procedure

Connect with DL Services at booth 466.

What key challenges does the galley face?

Thawing the vast amount of food onboard while maintaining a high-quality product and even result.

As a supplier to the galley, how do you create products that combat these challenges?

We use smart technologies such as ‘Tina’ (pictured left), a thawing cabinet that solves issues such as the above with:

  • Up to 50% less weight loss of the food product when thawing with Tina versus a thawing room
  • Much shorter thawing time (up to 90%!)
  • Space saving – just one cabinet could save you 15 square meters
  • A safe and reliable defrosting process

IPinium on sustainability

‘Tina’ aligns perfectly with the increasingly momentous sustainability “trend”, saving on energy and chemicals. With less product weight loss and shorter thawing times, you will have less food waste and can adapt to the customer’s needs more promptly, rather than guessing seven to eight days ahead.

Connect with IPinium at booth 367.

What key challenges does the galley face?

For me, the key challenge is preparing an attractive selection of food at sea. That doesn't sound very difficult at first, but due to the special environment, the limited space and restricted resources, as well as the need for large quantities of meals, which must be prepared fresh throughout the day, it is a challenge in the galley. The challenge is to meet the customers' expectations, especially on cruise ships where you serve a variety of food of an outstanding quality.

As a supplier to the galley, how do you create products that combat these challenges?
We focus on a strong relationship and constant feedback from our customers; that's the most important thing when we develop new products, because this helps us to provide them with the best solution available for their needs.

For saving space in the galley, for instance, we developed a new solution for Combi-Duo and the floor modules to be able to push the units as close as possible against the wall. In addition, we have developed the RATIONAL kitchen concept – a combination of two outstanding cooking appliances, The SelfCookingCenter® and the VarioCookingCenter®. With these multifunctional appliances we open up entirely new possibilities to optimize workflows, keep costs under control and save space in the galley kitchens. Another topic that we have further developed together with our customers is services specific to the marine industry. For many years we have offered a global marine service network to support customer service and care to the highest level. Now, we have also developed a marine service app with all the necessary information for quick troubleshooting. 

RATIONAL on sustainability

Sustainability is very important to us. That’s another reason why we developed the RATIONAL kitchen concept. You will see that using the SelfCookingCenter® and the VarioCookingCenter® in combination makes a big difference to the electricity bill. Thanks to intelligent technology, energy is only consumed if it is actually required. This reduces your electricity consumption by up to 30%.

What's one product or service you'd recommend to galley outfitters and chefs?

I would recommend the Finishing® - the most efficient method for food preparation. It’s the ideal solution if your goal is to offer a wide variety of top-quality food in large quantities on board.

You plate the plates cold in accordance with the anticipated number of customers and store them chilled in the special mobile plate racks, whenever you have time to do so. Shortly before service, Finishing®, in the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®, will finish the dishes to perfection. The kitchen crew can master banqueting easily and they have no overproduction.

We have had great experience with Cook & Chill using Finishing® across our hotel and arena customers worldwide and now I am very proud to implement this concept in the marine business.

Connect with RATIONAL at booth 680.

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