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Data Driven Cooking from UNOX

Keeping your oven unique, intelligent, and connected.

UNOX MIND.Maps™ ovens are among the highest performing tools inside your professional kitchen; they allow you to achieve the highest level of cooking and baking results and at the same time, provide real savings in terms of time, energy and labor. Thanks to their innovative technologies, impeccable results are always guaranteed without any need for supervision. UNOX technologies have always maximized your return on investment, for this reason in 2018 UNOX has applied industry leading 4.0 innovations to their top of the line combi ovens: the CHEFTOP MIND.Maps. UNOX call this Data Driven Cooking.

Since 2018, USA ovens are connected to the internet with Data Driven Cooking (DDC), an Artificial Intelligence cloud-based technology. It enables ovens to collect data, process information, analyze usage and make useful and personalized suggestions, like new recipes or custom-made cooking and baking processes, which translate directly into new dishes for your menu. DDC also monitors energy consumption, water consumption, cooking times, door-open time and monitors cleaning activities; this information is transformed into concrete, measurable, useful and practical information in order to help you eliminate any kind of waste and increase your daily profit. With Data Driven Cooking, UNOX MIND.Maps™ ovens become much more than just basic commercial kitchen equipment: they become a real partner who will help you build your success.

Your oven linked to the UNOX Internet cloud sends data to permit starting the Data Driven Cooking service. These are then processed by means of AI to identify and present you with recipes and personalized suggestions tailored to your specific needs; and which you can immediately translate into new dishes for your menu. The results are tangible: after three months from the start of the DDC.AI service, average use of the oven increases by 25% and maximizes your return on your investment.

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